Bud Light    5

Coors Light  5

Stella Artois   7

Blue Moon    7

Peroni   7

Kelso Nut Brown   7

Lagunitas IPA   7

Stone IPA    7


Budweiser   5

Michelob Ultra    5 

Amstel Light    6

Heineken    6

Corona    6

O'Douls (non-alcoholic)   6






Prosecco     8/32

Pisani, Prosecco, NV
Fruity bouquet with hints of apple and minerality

Brut Rose     9/36

Col de Salici ‘Rose de Salici’, Vino Spumante, NV

Fresh, crispy, lively, full of ripe cherry & berry aromas

Lambrusco     9/36

Fiorini ‘Becco Rosso’, Lambrusco, 2016
Perfect for pizza! Full of dark cherry, raspberry & plum



Pinot Grigio 8/32

Esperto, delle Venezie, 2015

Crisp, dry, and well-structured with golden apple & citrus


Sauvignon Blanc 9/36

Mohua, Marlborough, 2015

Bright and juicy with lime, mango & green apple  avors


Riesling 10/40

Lamoreaux Landing, Finger Lakes, 2014

Classic  avors of key lime, candied lemon & honeysuckle


Vermentino 7/28

Cecchi La Mora, Toscana, 2013

Nicely balanced with notes of almond blossoms & marzipan


Chardonnay 9/36

Tormaresca, Puglia, 2015

Delicately  oral with notes of apples and pineapples


Chardonnay 10/40

Storypoint, California, 2015

Lusciously silky  avors of yellow apple, pear & white peach



Sangiovese    10/40

Castello di Meleto, Rosato Toscana, 2015

Fresh and crispy with strawberries and black cherry aromas



Pinot Noir 10/40

The Pinot Project, California, 2015

Smooth and balanced with notes of black cherry & ve-spice


Montepulciano 9/36

Capostrano, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 2014

Intense and pleasing aromas of cherry, blueberry & violet


Barbera 10/40

Prunotto ‘Fiulot’, Barbera d’Asti, 2013

Harmonious and fresh with avors of cherry & plums


Sangiovese 9/36

Caparzo, Rosso Toscano, 2014

Savory notes of mature blackberry, raspberry & vanilla


Nero d’Avola 8/32

Villa Pozzi, Sicilia, 2015

Opulent full bodied avors of blackberry, leather & vanilla


Nebbiolo 12/45

Pertinace, Langhe, 2014

Elegantly balanced avors of cherries, raspberries, & violets


Cabernet Sauvignon  11/44

Guenoc, California, 2014

Supple and bursting with avors of dark cherries & rhubarb